About Me

Who Am I?

At the Core
Christian Worshiper of God
Citizen of Heaven
Sojourner on Planet Earth
Lover of Creation & Beauty
Peace & Justice Activist
Learner & Adventurer

Family & Friends
Wife & Mother
Daughter & Sister
Aunt, Niece & Cousin
Friend & Neighbor 
(Even to Strangers)

Things I Do
Writer & Poet

As a Christian, I am first and foremost a daughter of my Heavenly Father.  My life goal is to live in the love, peace, grace, and joy of this!

I am the mother of 10 children, and by the end of the summer, will have four grandsons, too. 

I have home schooled for over 20 years, with our first official kindergarten year in 1992.  My children have, at various times, also been enrolled in public school, college dual enrollment, private class/home hybrid, and state-sponsored on-line courses.  I have also taught private school.

I am also the author of a few books on home schooling (now out of print), and an active blogger.  I occasionally do a little public speaking, but I limit these opportunities so I can focus on my own family more.

I have observed many facets of the home schooling community for over 20 years now.  Unfortunately, I see how often legalism and rigid authority structures have damaged families and churches.  I seek to live by God's amazing grace, finding strength both in my identity in Jesus as a beloved saint and in being filled with the Holy Spirit.  I pray this for you as well, and this is a lot of what I write about.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an e-mail at virginiaknowles@gmail.com.

Virginia Knowles

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