Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple Shoes?

Dear moms,

With a busy preschooler in the house,
even the task of putting on my shoes
becomes a little more complicated.
Yes, my life is sometimes one tangled mess,
thanks to Melody.
Perhaps I should buy Velcro shoes for myself?

Actually, speaking of shoes,
I try to keep buying them as uncomplicated at possible. 
I have one style of black loafers that works well for me.
When one pair wears out too much to be my best dress shoes,
I buy another identical pair at Payless,
and the old pair becomes my casual pair for running errands.

Last time in needed a new pair, I was in a hurry,
on my way to a funeral.
I got out of the car at 7:08 PM. 
I was back in the car at 7:12, shoes in hand.
I do try to keep my shoes simple.

I always laughed at people who wore crocs.
Too trendy for me, when they were more in style.
A neighbor gave us a pair of old black ones,
and when I tried them on, I suddenly understood!
Comfort at last!
And they're actually pretty cute.

A few weeks ago, at our home school co-op,
two of my sons were stomping through "Lake Metro"
which is the huge puddle that usually covers
our church's soccer field after a heavy rain.
Melody was getting a little too close for my comfort,
so I sploshed through a muddy spot to catch up to her,
getting my crocs quite muddy.
It was easy enough to rinse them in a deeper part of the lake.
Later, the boys were splashing around again,
and I grumbled to one of the other moms
about how they might cut their bare feet
and how they had to put their sneakers back on
when they were late for the next class after lunch break.
I said, "It wouldn't be so bad if they had crocs."
Jessica looked surprised.
She thought I was saying that it wouldn't be so bad
if there were crocodiles out in the lake,
perhaps so the boys could hop from croc head to croc head
like in the movies.

A mom always needs a good laugh!

Come, weary moms.
Keep it simple, sweetie!
And try to find in the humor in your little frustrations.

After all, there are little feet
following in your foot steps.

Virginia Knowles

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  1. Love this! I have several pairs of colored shoes but flip-flops, crocs and tennies are the best!!!! Buying new dress shoes is at the bottom of my list of favorite things to do.


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