Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Heading out the door, my two youngest daughters and one of their best buddies (who is fortunately our next door neighbor) announced their intention to parade around the block wearing silly dress up clothes.  Never mind that they cut the fingers off of a pair of gloves -- this is Florida!  The rain was barely spitting, but just enough to justify bringing out the frilly peach umbrella that her sister gave her for her birthday last month.  After all, girls just wanna have fun! They grow up so fast, so I just knew this was a not-to-miss photo op.  Thank goodness I always have my iPod in my pocket (unless, of course, it is in my hand)!  I'm sure the neighbors all got a smile!

It was only later that I realized how well the first picture fit in with the P52 photo theme for the week, The "Eyes" of March.  Have you ever seen such eyes of impish joy?  Check out those oversize specs!   And as for the March part, well, I guess the umbrellas say it all.  In the first photo, I like the warm glow on the peach umbrella and how the blue umbrella blocks out the pickup truck.  I can also sense the energy and movement in both pictures, especially with the placement of hands and feet.  Rock stars in the making?

Come, weary moms!  Enjoy the moment and absorb the joy!

Tell me: What do your girls do for fun?  Leave a comment!

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This Friday's theme: The "Eyes" of March. 

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  1. Looks like everyone had a grand time! I love their joy.

  2. Lol, made me smile for sure, so much fun!
    And thank you so much for your comments - I wish I knew a bee keeper by me, I would love to photograph the activities around a hive!


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