Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not (Usually) My Cup of Tea

Dear friends,

I'm not a big tea drinker.  Lemonade, yes.  Hot chocolate, double yes, especially with whipped cream.  Coffee, never, except for an occasional sip of iced mocha.  Tea, sometimes, usually when spiked with fruit juice.

Today, I had an extra hour in between errands, and since I would be driving past my oldest daughter's house, I called and asked if my youngest daughter and I could stop in.  She said yes.

My hospitable-even-on-short-notice daughter offered me tea to drink.  I said yes.  And I was glad I did, especially when I found out it was a frosty cold bottle of Tazo Organic Iced Green.  My taste buds happily remember the Tazo Giant Peach tea my mom bought for me last month, so I guess it's just hot tea I don't like. 

I got to thinking how much I can truly enjoy something I usually wouldn't pick.  It's almost even a sweeter kind of savoring because it is unexpected and unusual and chosen just at the moment.  Making the best of what you have and all that. Yes, I will have tea, thank you!  So refreshing on a hot summer day!  It's time to start making more iced tea at home, mixed with lemonade, perhaps?

Then there is Golda.  I'm not a cat person either.  We had It Cat when I was growing up. (The name? I was five when he was born, and didn't know if kitty was boy or girl, hence the ultimate gender neutral name.)  Despite my It Cat affection, I never was in a hurry to get another cat, especially after I got married and started having babies every other year.  I'm just so not into litter boxes and cat hair and vet bills.

So what about Golda?  She is my hospitable  grandkitty.  When I visited today, sweet  Golda needed no invitation to nestle down in my lap, and my fingers instinctively ruffled deep into her thick fur.  Purr.  Simply irresistible, even to "not a cat person."  I found myself cooing to Golda, scratching behind her ears and under the chin.  Purr.  I marveled at the striking stripe on her face, her large golden green eyes.  She licked my hands with her sandpapery tongue and I took it as a compliment.  I can wash the cat hair out of my clothes later. Right now, I feel like purring.  Unconditional welcome, even from a cat -- well, I know a good thing when I feel it.  Again, enjoying something I wouldn't ordinarily choose.

What would I ordinarily choose?  Here's just one: my youngest grandson, sweeter than tea, softer than kitty...  Little guy, I choose you!   

So ladies, what is "not your cup of tea"?

What do you do when what you get isn't your first choice?  (This could be big or little.)

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  1. Nice story, and reminder. By the way, I love Tazo's Brambleberry tea. I can't find it at my usual stores, however, so I'm hoping to locate a bottle before our next trip! It's my special treat instead of a Coke or other kind of pop.

    Thanks for linking your revelation to Food on Fridays!

  2. Never tryed Tazo tea. It does sound like a treat chilled!


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