Friday, September 21, 2012

Jolly Chef and His Friends at the Curiosity Shoppe

Dear friends,

Abbondanza!  This jolly chef makes me wish he had some yummy pizza left on his tray!  He seems to have such a zest for cooking up great food!  I'll try to use him as inspiration to be more enthusiastic about my own kitchen creations.  He's actually not alone.   He's got a bunch of foodie buddies.

I photographed them in a weird store that I have passed for years and smiled at but never actually visited.  Until yesterday.  I had an extra 20 minutes before picking up my daughter from work, so I decided to do it! The Liquidation Station, also known as World of Decor, is an odd store. 

You can't help seeing it with items like this outside!
The dragon is probably 15-20 feet tall,
not exactly a living room conversation piece.
I didn't notice the huge snake until I edited the picture.

My little girl could be the heroine Merida
in the movie Brave.

I've already seen it and loved it, and
I can't wait until it comes out in the dollar theater
so I can take the rest of the family 
I will charitably call the store a Curiosity Shoppe.
Fine furniture and decor, but very much a cluttered warehouse setting,
as you can see in the picture below.
Not exactly the luxury ambience, despite the price tags - 
with most pieces in the hundreds and thousands range.
They are, however, having an auction this weekend,
with prices reduced by 40%.

A closer look at this enigmatic face.

I used this piece to teach two of my kids
what a fleur de lis is.

Funky, but not my style at all

One of the pieces I did like,
a long skinny upholstered bench.

Lion fountain
Detail from an Oriental vase
which is taller than I am

Leonardo da Vinci
Barack Obama
(No thanks, I'm a Republican.)

Ending with a little inspiration!

I think it's important sometimes to be a little spontaneous, have a little fun looking around and feasting the eyes.  The two kids who were with me probably think I'm a little crazy, but they already knew that anyway.

Now, back to thinking about how to have a little fun in the kitchen...

What do you do to spark your inspiration?  Leave a comment!

Virginia Knowles

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