Friday, June 14, 2013

New Posts and Series on Watch the Shepherd

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I've got a new post over on my Watch the Shepherd blog called Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us (Strength in Hymn). I waffled over whether to post it here (since it is about gentle mothering) or there (since it fits with my new Strength in Hymn series).  There won out, but I decided to link here anyway.  Be sure to check out the long list of links on articles about gentle parenting, some by me and some by Karen Campbell, Sally Clarkson and others.

The new series is about old hymns, with photographs and encouragement for those who might be struggling with the faith, especially those wounded by other Christians.

I have also added an e-mail subscription link to the sidebar of Watch the Shepherd.  Check it out!

The Divine Conspiracy   -     
        By: Dallas Willard
Sometime soon, I am going to start another series which will be reflections on the book The Divine Conspiracy by eminent Christian author Dallas Willard, who passed away last month.  My friend Gary Thomas told me over a year ago that I should read something by Dallas Willard to give me joy.  Thanks for the recommendation, Gary, and good call!  Here is the book blurb from CBD:

In The Divine Conspiracy, Willard gracefully weaves biblical teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship, and spiritual practice into a tour de force that shows the necessity of profound changes in how we view our lives and faith. Willard refutes "fire escape" mentality by exploring the true nature of the teachings of Jesus, who intended that His followers become His disciples, and taught that we have access now to the life we are only too eager to relegate to the hereafter. The author calls us into a more authentic faith and offers a practical plan by which we can become Christ-like. He encourages faith by embracing the true meaning of Christian discipleship.

I'm only two chapters in so far, and already blessed!  Why don't you join me?

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