Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to Autumn 2013!

I love to decorate for autumn,
even though here in central Florida 
we don't have many 
beautiful colored leaves.
I like my autumn pretties 
to be up for a full two months
before I start decking the halls
for Christmas in early December.

I mostly used what I had, 
but added in some new-to-me items.

Let's start with the flowers above.
The plastic stem of my fake flowers 
looked a little funny in a clear vase,
so I filled the vase with autumn potpourri.
I used the leftover potpourri
in a crystal bowl from my mom's house,
with a candle in the middle.
The potpourri was $1 per bag 
at Dollar General.

Like the crystal bowl,
the outdoor flag below
is also from my mother.
After she passed away this summer,
I picked out what I wanted to take home.
She had all of her off-season
garden flags hanging neatly
in her basement storage room.
I love cardinals just like she did.

My older daughters 
made this wall hanging
for my 50th birthday last month.
Isn't it pretty?
Burlap on a frame,
with my initial painted on,
then bordered in embroidery,
and flourished with silk flowers.
Very nice!

When it comes to things I buy,
thrift is the name of the game here.
The cornucopia came from 
Salvation Army for $1.99.

 The candle holder below was $3
at another local thrift store.
It came with the two red thingies,
and a brown one in the middle
which I replaced with the votive candle.

A bookcase in the dining room 
(which doubles as our library)
features decorations that 
camouflage other items
that I need accessible 
but don't want to see.
The white ceramic dish 
holds facial tissues.
I stash a supply of 
hair brushes, combs, and such 
in the long basket underneath 
the garland of silk leaves,

My son taught me how to light candles 
by first lighting a piece of dry spaghetti,
and then using it to reach where 
lighter or match can't go.
I originally lit the red candle on the right,
then moved it elsewhere.
Leaving it next to books and under a shelf
could have started a fire. Safety first!

Finally, since it is autumn,
I'm wearing scarves!
This one was a birthday gift 
from my friend Donna.
I'm not too skilled with fashion,
but this method is easy-peasy.
Fold the scarf in half
and lay it around your shoulders.
Take the two loose ends and draw them
through the loop on the other side,
then tighten.

Speaking of fashion,
it was also time to buy a new purse.
At Walmart, I debated between two.
The plaid one is definitely autumn!
However, I decided on the burgundy,
since it will work for the Christmas season, too.
There is something to be said for versatility.

I actually put out a lot more decorations
than you see in this blog post.
These are just my "new" items or
ones I used a different way.
I have two more complete autumn posts:

Virginia Knowles

P.S. This time last year I was visiting family in Maryland with my oldest daughter and my two grandsons.  That's a true autumn! Take a peek at my pics!


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  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures of your fall decorations.


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