Friday, August 31, 2012


This summer, lots of adventure with Grandma and a cousin, here, there and everywhere.

Sea World with the family.
Disney World with big sister, who works there.
Family reunion in Pennsylvania (with Mom, too).
Hanging out in Maryland, staying up late.
San Francisco and Muir Woods for their Grandma Trip (a treat between ages 11-13ish).
  (I spent six years in northern California as a child.  Wish I could have gone with them!)
Six Flags, another amusement park!?!
Lots of ice cream.

An eleven year old's memories to last a lifetime.

What a charming summer for a charming girl.

Another version of this post, with a whole lot more photos, is here: Charming in California

P52 Photo Project Week #35 on September 1: Endless Summer
P52 with Kent Weakley


  1. What a wonderful way to remember a summer through charms. That will be such a meaningful necklace to wear and bring back great memories.

  2. sounds like a fun, busy summer!! I love the capture of it!
    visiting from Project 52


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