Friday, August 17, 2012


Cherries and Strawberries, Summer Fresh
Kids added lemon juice and ice and sugar,
crushed it all in the blender.
A cup for Mom, too, of course!

All gone!  Can I have some more?
I'm having fun playing with the color red with light and shadow in these pictures.  More fun enjoying treats my children make from me that I never taught them.  I think this particular one was passed down from sibling to sibling several times over, with endless variety along the way depending on what flavors we have in the house.   Sometimes it is chocolate!  Yes! I love when they experiment in the kitchen and I get to enjoy the results.

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The middle photo in this post was taken for the P52 photo project (linked below) with the week's theme of "Ice."  I wish the theme had been "cloud" or "sky" because my favorite photo of the week is here: One Sky

Have fun!

Food on Fridays


 P52 Photo Project Week #33 on August 18, theme "Ice"

P52 with Kent Weakley

Raising Homemakers 



  1. Visiting from P52!
    That sounds delightful! Hurray for crushed ice.

  2. That sounds like a great way to get kids to have the fruit they need each day. I think my daughters would both enjoy trying that drink.

  3. We make a bunch of red food on Valentine's Day, so I have pay top dollar for out-of-season strawberries! They look beautiful in these photos. I have such a hard time with red in my photos. I don't know if it's a Canon thing, or if it's always hard to capture the right red?

    Thanks for joining the Food on Fridays party! Enjoy these last days of summer!

  4. Someday my kids will be able to make things without me in the kitchen. Well, I guess my son can do PBJ, but I am looking forward to them do things like this too! Thanks for linking up!


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