Friday, January 13, 2012

Made with Love: Project 52 Week #2 and Friday Favorites

Dear friends,

I'm sort of combining two series in one on this blog: Project 52 and Friday Favorites!  I can't promise I'll do both each week, but we'll see what happens!  I've been doing Friday Favorites off and on for several months, but this is only my second week of Project 52.  Last week: Week 1 "Resolution"

This week the theme of the Project 52 photo challenge at is "Made with Love." It was a no brainer for me to figure out which picture to submit: a beautiful oil pastel drawing by my 17 year old daughter Lydia!

Cardinal by Lydia Knowles (Oil Pastel, January 2012)

Always a story to go with the picture, at least on my blog.  Our friend Donovan, who sits next to us at Lake Baldwin Church, wanted to bless our family so she invited us over to a dinner party just before Christmas and gave us presents!  She had asked Lydia ahead of time what she should get for the younger kids. For Lydia, an aspiring artist, she selected a variety of art supplies, such as a sketch pad, oil supplies and other creative goodies.

I also gave Donovan a small present, two porcelain bird ornaments in a gift box. When she saw the pictures on the box, Donovan told us how much she likes cardinals.  (I have to say they're my favorite bird.)  So... Lydia decided she would draw a cardinal for Donovan with the new oil pastels!  I am always amazed at her talent.  She blows me away.

You can see Donovan was pretty happy about her gift  when Lydia gave it to her on Sunday morning at church! 

I am thankful for thoughtful friends and thoughtful daughters.

Lydia is good with sculpture, too, like this Sculpey clay garden with corn, pumpkins, lettuce and teeny tiny carrots!  The entire garden is only several inches wide.  I think the white picket fence thingy originally came with a set of piggy salt and pepper shakers.  Amazing!  

Sculpey garden by Lydia Knowles
Lydia, hard at work on the little garden

 Now that we've had our art and nature appreciation moment, I'd like to share with you a few Friday Favorites links! The first two links are for blogs by local friends whom I especially admire for being so intentional about raising children for Christ.

  • Does Your Home Feel Organized? by Ginny Jacobson at Making the Most of Every Opportunity  "....set a mission and vision with your husband for your family, home, and then evaluate how each room fits that"
  • Home School Mom 4 Christ Blog a brand new blog by Teresa Bridges
    "My goal in home schooling is first and foremost to build godly character in my children, and to teach them to be hard workers.I spend my days teaching them to not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind. I teach them to have the mind that was in Christ. The Bible tells us that as a man thinks in his heart so is he."  

    "There is so much to pray for that I really do pray all day. I am always finding something to pray for. So often we get caught up in the right time to pray and the right thing to say and the right this or that in prayer that we forget that it’s part of our walk with God."

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That's enough for this week!  

Virginia Knowles

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(My post today doesn't have a recipe, but any post that mentions food can be linked.  Mine just happens to be clay corn, pumpkins, lettuce and carrots!)


  1. Wow - you have a very talented daughter there, with a wonderful, giving heart! Thanks for "sharing her" with us in the blogosphere! :)

  2. Not only talented but a daughter with a giving attitude sharing her thankfulness in return with a gift to the giver. How much we can learn to share with others the many gifts that God has given us.

  3. Cardinals are also my favorite singing bird. I love hearing them in the spring and watching them at my bird feeder or bath. Lydia has such a grateful heart... A joy for any mom to see in her child.

  4. I'm glad you stretched the Food on Fridays theme as far as clay can be stretched! :)

    Love seeing the art, too, as you can imagine. That cardinal? Stunning! I wish I had such talent!

  5. What a fantastic artist your daughter is Virginia!



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