Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 Photo Challenge: Week 1 "Resolution"

Dear friends,

My friend and fellow blogger, Tonya Travelstead, just told me about the Project 52 photo challenge.  You submit one photo per week on an assigned theme.  This first week of the year is fittingly dubbed "Resolution."

Here is my photo of the week:

"Bride and Groom" by Peter Otfinoski
This sculpture is "Bride and Groom" by Peter Otfinoski.  You can find it and many other Otfinoski bronze sculptures at Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida.  You can see some of my other photos here: Leu Gardens Again!

Thad and I with our youngest daughter at Leu Gardens
My husband Thad and I visited Leu Gardens earlier this week with some of our kids since admission is free the first Monday of each month.  Thad pointed out the "Bride and Groom" piece to me.  

My resolution this year is to strengthen my marriage with God's help.  It's been a challenging year for our family in many ways, so we're taking this seriously. Thad and I have had some really productive forward-looking conversations lately.  We're reading about family relationships and regularly seeking advice from wise pastors and counselors.  And we try to go out together once a week.  After 26 years of marriage and 20 years of home schooling our 10 children, we need this focused time with each other now more than ever.  Hopefully this will pay rich dividends in the coming generations.  (We already have two married daughters, and our second grandson is due next month!)

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project 52 p52

Virginia Knowles

P.S. Also on this blog: Help for Hurting Marriages.

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  1. Hi, Virginia! I'm visiting via Project 52; this is my first time participating. What a beautiful representation of a challenging resolution! You're a little farther ahead on the road than I am, but I agree that focusing on strengthening my marriage is so important, especially as our children grow and fly from our nest. Thanks for posting.



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