Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Mom: "Would you like some cuddle time, sweetie?" 

Melody: "No, but I want some chocolate!" 

Yes, she likes to eat.
It's a compliment from her to be compared to food.

Melody: "Mommy, you're my Cinnamon Donut Roll!"

Mom: "You need to go in your room and clean up." 

Melody: "Would you stop talking about cleaning my room? I'm getting stressed!"

Melody, impatiently waiting to use my iPod: 
"You're going to take hours.  By that time, we'll be old people!"

What does she do with my iPod?
She takes these silly pictures of herself...

From my daughter Rachel: "Melody is a teacher today."

Melody: "Do you want to do minus or expedition? 
It's called expedition because it has an 'X' in it." 

Rachel: "You mean multiplication?" 

Melody: "Yeah. Mupticilation."

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With a Melody in my heart,
Virginia Knowles

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